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Welcome! A joint project of the Kagawa Memorial Hall in Kobe and the Kagawa Archives and Resource Center in Tokyo, this site enables you to browse English books and materials related to Kagawa Toyohiko.

Living with and advocating for the poor, the contribution of Kagawa Toyohiko as a reformer of the social structure has been highly commended around the world. One of his representative works, Brotherhood Economics (1936), is currently receiving attention again in the context of the 21st century. Before World War II, Kagawa was known the world over as the ‘Saint of the Slums’ and, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer, called one of the “Three Trumpets.”

While Kagawa left behind an enormous number of written works, only about twenty were translated into English. Because most are now out of print, access to these English materials is limited to libraries.

With the goal of encouraging deeper research, we are running a test of this web site which provides access to the English materials of Kagawa Toyohiko anytime and from anywhere of the world. We are planning to increase the site’s content and develop its technology into a database in the future.

Finally, many of the materials appearing on this site were actually the personal property of Kagawa Toyohiko. Hence, beyond textual data, there are items such as a front cover with Kagawa’s handwritten signature that we hope will enable you to feel a personal connection with the writer.

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